Capsule Hotel Osaka

The Capsul Hotel in Osaka is great value for money. I haven’t stayed in a capsule hotel before so I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless.

The location in itself is great, it’s nice and close to the Namba underground train station. Namba station has many exits, just choose the one which is closest (Exit 25 IIRC) and it will take you to within a 50 metre walk. Choose the wrong exit and it just means you have to cross the road or walk a bit further above ground, no big deal.
It’s also very close to all the action, with Dotonburi just across the road. Dotonburi is popular for dining and theatre.

When you arrive there will be luggage storage within the same room as reception. We had snowboard bags & large suitcases which there was plenty of room for. They will give you a lock which you can wrap around your baggage and fasten to a pole as a security measure.

Checking in was simple enough, hand over your passport for photocopying & a few other details then they give you your locker & room key. You hand both these back every time you leave the hotel and return.

The vibe in itself is more of a downtempo hostel, but without a shared common room. Why I say it’s similar to a hostel  is because of the shared facilities; the toilets, showers, amenities and some facilities like a jug to boil the noodles they give you daily.
It doesn’t have the friendly/party atmosphere like hostels do, so if you are looking to party this probably isn’t the place for you. It’s a place where you go to sleep only.
The majority of the guests appeared to be Japanese with a few Westerners here and there.

Guests must take their shoes off just past reception & put on the provided slippers which are located in lockers. You then store your shoes in the lockers where the slippers came from.

Daily, they will give you you a small towel, toothbrush & toothpaste, pajamas, a sausage pastry, noodles and orange juice, which I presume is to prevent scurvy.

The Capsule rooms themselves are about 7 feet long, and are fully enclosed except for the entry which is a pull down curtain. You will still be able to hear outside where people are walking up and down the rows of capsules, but there’s enough insulation so that it’s not such a problem that it would be in an open plan hostel room with 8+ beds. There must be at least 50 capsules within our room.
The rooms also have chargers for most phones, power, TV & a smart phone with data which they let you borrow.

When you check out they wont let you leave your baggage there all day in their luggage storage which was annoying. I assume the reason is because there is not enough room when all the capsules are in use. I counted at least 270 keys. There are other places you can store your luggage nearby.

If you have snowboards & skiis like we did, what you want to do is go find Ski & Snowboard Storage Osaka in Osaka. There’s a place 550 metres down the road.


Pokemon Go Banned

Pokemon Go is the revival of a childhood for many people, myself included.

The difference now is that instead of sitting at home on the couch playing on your gameboy for hours, you’re now mobile. The augmented reality of the game sends you out on the streets in search for new Pocket Monsters to claim as your own. This isn’t good, some overly parents without a grip on their life want to see Pokemon Go Banned.

It’s only been a week since the game was released, and we’re starting to see the carnage filter through the news stories and social media, prompting us to wonder – is Pokemon Go Dangerous?

The answer is no, if you are not an idiot and understand the dangers of 4 lane highways, waterways, dangerous neighbourhoods, and just use some common sense like you have been for the past X amount of years of your life. It’s not a hard concept – pay attention to where you are. Thinking about entering that crack den where a family was brutally murdered with an AK47 just a week earlier? Think again.

Here’s a list of hazards to look out for
– Muggings
– Car crashes
– Being pulled over and fined
– Sunburn
– Walking into inanimate objects
– Malnutrition

There’s no need to get Pokemon Go Banned, again it just comes down to common sense.
Remember all those things your parents, teachers and sockpuppets told you growing up and you will get through this.

You people..



Translate Foreign Languages In Real Time

Imagine travelling to another country and being able to speak the language, well, at least understand it. Many of us have found ourselves in awkward situations where we are not able to converse with foreign language speakers. Sometimes it can be funny, others annoying, a lot of the times, frustrating.
The idea was thought up when the inventor met a french girl he was not able to communicate with.
The struggles of attempting to speak to each other in broken forms of language was enough to inspire Mark from the US company Waverly Labs to make a change.
The little device named The Pilot System sits in your ear and translates languages real-time, as they’re being spoken. When it hits the shelves in September it will allow the wearer to understand Spanish, French, Italian and English, with more in the pipeline.


Travel to North Korea

Flying into Pyongyang’s new Terminal 2, you may wind up addressing if the reports about North Korea’s debilitated foundation are even valid. The shiny new office, opened last September, looks like a current port with broad glass, plane extensions, roomy loading up zones, obligation free shops, and conditioned screens everywhere. Counting signage is composed in English, and there’s a “Web room” for scanning on the web. If you like what you’re hearing so far, you may be asking yourself the question how do I travel to North Korea?

The photographs, discharged by North Korea’s state interactive media organization, demonstrates the nation’s incomparable pioneer, Kim Jong Un, visiting the port. While the photos – and the air terminal itself – is a piece of North Korea’s publicity machine, used to advance the nation inside various light, the terminal seems to be to have a trustworthy motivation behind pleasing the inundation of sightseers.

Found in a country known for its totalitarian standard and unforgiving disciplines for everybody who is unaffected by it, tourism may be the exact opposite thing any individual considers. Be that as it may, a great many sightseers do visit the Hermit Kingdom yearly, and numerous touch base from Traditional western nations.

Be that as it may, I will explain how you can personally visit the greatest nation on the planet and travel to North Korea. If you’re lucky you may even see a glimpse of the supreme leader (or is it dearest?.. I cant keep up)

Going to North Korea can be quite the test, and you won’t have the opportunity to investigate the nation without a North Korean escort, either as a major aspect of a gathering or individual visit.

Residents of South Korea are typically not allowed to visit North Korea. Furthermore, there have been reports of challenges in regards to Israeli, American and Japanese nationals. In January 2010, North Korea lifted the confinements on American nationals who are presently allowed to visit whenever of the year – however they are not permitted to go via train (particularly the train to Beijing) or to take an interest in homestay-programs (Choson Exchange and The Pyongyang Project can bring Americans into the nation via train). As opposed to talk, Israelis and Jewish residents of different nations don’t confront any extra confinements. Residents of all nations (aside from Malaysian international ID holders entering for 30 days or less for authority, business or visit purposes who have effectively procured documentation at the DPRK Embassy in Kuala Lumpur appearing, North Korean business partners or visit and travel organization courses of action) will require a visa, which might be issued after your visit has been reserved, affirmed by the North Korean powers and paid for. Columnists (or those associated with being writers) require extraordinary consent, which is entirely hard to get. The North Koreans don’t permit writers to visit the nation on vacationer visas. A master North Korean travel office can help you deal with the complex and continually evolving directions. North Korea will once in a while by and by decline a visa to a traveler who meets the different prerequisites.

Vacationers frequently masterminded a visitor visa through booking a visit with the travel offices that arrange such visits. The travel offices will as a rule manage the visa for their sake, in spite of the fact that now and again sightseers are required to have a short phone meeting with the North Korean international safe haven to check their personality and their employment. By and large the meetings are led in a neighborly matter so it is not something to be agonized over. Visas are regularly just affirmed on the day preceding the visit, however once in a while will a traveler ever get rejected (unless you demonstrate that you are of political status or being a writer).

North Korean voyagers visas are regularly issued on a traveler card. In the event that joining a visit bunch, bunch visas are regularly issued on independent sheets of papers containing every one of the individuals from the gathering, appended with a visitor card that bear the name of the visit pioneer. This visa is never held by the voyagers, in spite of the fact that visitors can solicit to take a photograph from the visa themselves. In both case, no stamp will be put onto the international ID. The main way where a visa and passage stamp will be put on the international ID is the point at which the visa is issued in European consulates, which is extremely uncommon for voyagers to visit North Korea as most travel offices work visits out of China (and thus just masterminded the visa in China.) With earlier notice by means of your visit administrator, vacationer visas can be acquired around the same time (around a 20 minute hold up) for GBP20 at the DPRK Embassy in London.


Why TSA and other Customs Officers always search me

tsa agent

Everytime I embark on a trip, I make sure I allow an extra 20 minutes for that inevitable search. It’s always the weird look from the agents towards me, a solo travelling mid 20s male travelling with just a backpack. I never need a suitcase, I travel with everything I need and enough clothing for 1.5-2 weeks without having to wash. I like to think I’m efficient, plus I hate carrying more than I have to.
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New Years Camping in Belongil, Byron Bay


Camping in Byron Bay is tiring, I thought I was going for a chilled holiday but I ended up drinking every single day and night for the 5 days I was there.

We had chosen what I believe was the cheapest accommodation in Byron Bay over the New Years period, Belongil Camp Grounds.
This camp ground cost around $52 a night for a powered site, and a bit cheaper for one without power.
Overall the place is quite large, with 1500 campers there at the peak time (NYE). 1500 was quite a lot of people, campsites are pretty stacked together but you still had room to move. I was told last year they had 4000 people.. yikes.

This camp ground is roughly 3km out of the city center of Byron Bay, which I think is a bit too much to walk but the perfect distance if you have a bike.

The first day the place was only about 1 third full, so there was plenty of room and everything was pretty chilled.
Slowly but surely, as the days went on, things got a bit more hectic. It was reminiscent of a music festival; music blasting from every tent, professional CDJ setups, PA speakers, but it wasn’t overwhelming. In fact, there was quite a variety of music and everybody was quite welcoming if you wanted to go chill with them and listen to their tunes.

The next two nights got pretty wild, there was no chance you were going to get to sleep without being completely belted, something we had many years experience at. Girls walking around with goonsacks, guys doing burnouts in the field, a few fights, but you never really saw any aggression outside of that. The toilet/shower block ended up with broken glass all through them with some champion taking a shit on the shower soap holder. A few broken mirrors, lights ripped from the ceiling and shower doors all kicked in. There was a super secret toilet + shower combo which had its walls ripped down which was absolutely devastating as I gave that sucker a workout a few times.

So far, nothing too bad, considering the amount of people that were staying at the camp grounds. We ended up with a rotting t-bone steak (I think?) outside our tent which we have no idea where it came from. There was also a turd about 4 meters away from it. Some people really don’t like using toilets.

All in all, I enjoyed myself, but I would highly recommend you being completely shitfaced to maximize the enjoyment.

Do not go here if you are a family
Do not go here if you are older than 22-25+
Do not go here if you’re afraid of some glass and random turds

Go here if you have a pair of shower thongs and are prepared to give those badboys a workout
Go here if you want to see a bunch of random funny shit, like dudes jumping bikes into the back of Toyota Land Cruisers
Go here if you plan on being permadrunk, playing some tunes and talking absolute shit with your good mates