Battle of the Beach: Bondi vs Manly


Bondi vs Manly

Spending any amount of time in Sydney and you’re bound to come across the rivalry of the beaches; Bondi vs Manly – which is better?

Bondi is by far the more famous beach, with Manly with little to no recognition from tourists apart from people in the know.
Half the enjoyment is from travelling to manly, where you can spend the 30 minute trip taking in the shoreline and bays of the gorgeous Sydney harbour and its surroundings from circular key. Have the seagulls gliding right next to the boat with sea spray whipping across the bow.
Bondi? You’ll be jumping on board the bus and sitting in traffic. A bit of a scenery change there.


Manly is still quite a popular beach, but it is much wider than Bondi allowing for people to spill out towards Queenscliff and still have front row seats.

Bondi, being well known compared to its northern counterpart attracts thousands of tourists per day. Because of this you’ll find a spot on the sand a hotly contested space with many banished to the back of the sand if you arrive later on during the day.


Whilst they’re both surf beaches, you’ll find the main activities are also shopping.
Shopping is quite easy within manly with many tourist shops, fashion stores, rentals and eateries just across the road as you step into the corso.
Bondi does however have its charm, with many pocket bars and little cafes once you dry off and begin to explore.

Use this Manly and Bondi Beach information to help you decide on the right beach to choose.