10 Travel Essentials


10 Travel Essentials – What to take on The Road

When travelling, there’s a fine line between over and under packing. There are countless times you wish you had brought X item or left the other behind.
The list below will provide you with an excellent foundation for your travel essentials.

1.  Water bottle. Especially in the harsh summer sun. This item is essential for your health and comfort during the trip. There are many water fountains around Europe that provide fresh water that you can fill up your water bottle in.

2. Plastic bags/collapsible bag. Any container that will fold up and can be stored taking up minimal weight and storage. This is especially handy for wet and dirty items, taking additional items onto planes, storing food.

3. Clothes line. A lot of bags have string attached to them that you can re-purpose. It is much easier to dry clothes and towels on a line than hung over a bed.

4. Earphones. Countless amounts of nights earphones have saved me from the many irritations of travel life. Crying babies, moronic conversations, loud hostels, night clubs across the street. Combined with a music player or an ambient noise application (A Soft Murmur), nothing would prevent me from having a good nights sleep.

5. Sarongs are the traveler’s best friend. Use one as nightwear, a standby beach towel, modest covering for temple visits or wrap one around a jumper to make a pillow. Sorry guys, you’re a bit out of luck on this one.

6. SunscreenNothing more needs to be said, unless you love cancer.

7. The Swiss Army knife is part of the standard kit for NASA astronauts, and no self-respecting traveler should be without one. From fingernails to dealing with wine corks to digging stones from yaks’ hooves, this is a complete toolkit in a pocket-size pack (just don’t leave it in your carry-on at the airport – it will likely be confiscated by security).

8. Universal adapter plug. Get the type with dual plugs and USB output. If you have a laptop and you charge your phone through that, you’ll find that it’s not always the quickest. Plugging your phone straight into power will help speed up the charging process.
I got a good one from ebay:

9. Roll on, spray deodorant is not allowed on aircraft, so roll on is essential for those that don’t enjoy smelling like an over-ripened onion.

10. Travel towel. Especially for light travelers. A travel towel will take up 1/3rd of the space of a normal towel and has a multitude of uses; beach, shower, sunshade, privacy screen. Towels are superb.