5 Reasons to Travel

5 reasons to travel

Travelling changes you for the better. Besides from exciting new experiences, friendships and stories, it helps with many aspects of life and gives fresh outlook.
Check out my 5 Reasons to Travel below:

  1. It’s easy. Start asking people; co-workers, friends, family. Find out where they’ve been and what they loved. Obviously everyone is different with various tastes, but asking for opinions can be a great way to find a place you love. With this information, start to research where you want to go and where you believe you could be for at least a week. You want to really experience where you are going and not be rushed for time.
  2. It gives you new perspective. Once you start to travel you find you become more accustomed to trying new things, you will listen to people more. You’ll find that you are able to relate to those around you more than ever before.
  3. You can do things you couldnt before. Many times when travelling you will encounter tricky situations. Reading a bus schedule in another language, finding a place to stay at 3 in the morning or even whipping up a meal from a tin of 5 bean mix and an onion. These situations change the way you handle situations and you become resourceful and self reliant.
  4. Interpersonal relationship skills. Many times you will come across other travellers you instantly click with, maybe they’re even someone you’ve met before. Friends you meet on the road will often stay with you even after you have returned home. You can make friends for life this way.
  5. Cool stories. Always jealous of reading all these fantastic things other people have done on their travels? Never having anything of value to contribute in conversations? Now you can be the annoying person who always starts a sentence with ‘Oh well when was in <insert location here>