From Domededovo Airport to Red Square

During my stay in Russia I was warned against using taxis; specifically the gypsy taxis.

Stepping outside of the Airport we were surrounded by cabbies asking us in broken English where we were going and if we wanted a taxi, it was relentless. We found a better way for getting from Domededovo Airport to Red Square.
A bit of quick thinking on a friends behalf resulted with us trying Uber in Russia. We have been big fans of Uber since moving to the UK from Aus and there’s not a single night we have looked back. Cheaper fares, no cash transaction; only card, real time tracking of your cab before and during your travel as well as a feedback system that keeps your Uber driver honest.

We paid £20 for 200mb of data in Russia in which the cost was split between 4 people and proceeded to use Uber. The single app covers every country. Our driver arrived within 5 minutes and promptly took us to our destination at the Friday Hostel, about a 5-10 minute walk from Red Square.
The total cost of this trip was 1500 rubles, that’s about £18.66.

Download Uber below here:
Using my Uber affiliate code which will provide us both with £20 off our next drive 🙂

Without Affiliate code 🙁 What, do you dont like free money or something?