How Much Money Food in Russia Costs

Whilst in Moscow, Russia for 7 days, I started noting down the cost of food and drink.
I wanted to know how it scaled against the rest of the world in terms of affordability, through the eyes and wallet of a tourist.

During my trip I ate in many different styles; fast food, chains, locals, stadiums, ethnic, sit down & take away.
Obviously I am not going to know the best and cheapest places as a tourist, so the prices will be higher than what a Russian would pay.

I noted down the cost of each of the meals, drinks and snacks in rubles.
Using my data below as a guide, you will be able to work out an idea of how much money food in Russia costs.
Total money spent is at the bottom. You can convert the rubles to your home countries currency.

Overall, I spent 17648 rubles on food and drink throughout my Russian Trip.