What is the Safest Airline to Fly with


So What is the Safest Airline to Fly with – I’ll give you a hint, it’s red, white and has a furry animal with a large tail.

Scared of flying? fear no more, Qantas for the third year in a row has been announced the safest airline of 2015, and we can only assume it will again take the title in 2016.

Qantas wins due to the fact that it has a fatality free record; never lost a soul on any of their hundreds of thousands of flights over the year.

The Australian Airline boasts a 95 year history as the worlds oldest, continuously in operation airline which has allowed it to become the industries most experienced carrier.
Advanced technologies such as Flight Recording, Plane Monitoring, GPS Tracking, real time monitoring of engines and other critical systems which allows Qantas to stay ahead of the pack. These monitoring systems will alert engineers before any issues arise in order to be dealt with on the tarmac.