What To See In Malta

What To See In Malta

Malta is fast becoming a top tourist destination which is well deserved title.
Due to Malta’s location in the Mediterranean and the amount of times it was conquered in history, many foreign influences over the years have been instilled in this small Island country; imbuing it with the rich culture, history and ruins many appreciate today.

Despite its small size, there is much to see and do, some of the main attracts that are worth seeing are outlined below.

1. Mdina Old City (Mdina)

Until 1530, Mdina was the capital of Malta. It is a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta.
Walking through Mdina is similar to stepping back in time, due to the fact that no cars are allowed inside and only a handful of residents remain, it is as if you are walking through a museum without entrance fees.

2. Azure Window (Island of Gozo)

The Azure Window is a Limestone natural arch on the Maltese island of Gozo. It is situated near Dwejra Bay on the Inland Sea. The formation, which was created after two limestone sea caves collapsed, is an amazing natural occurrence which is also very popular with scuba divers.

As a bonus, you can enjoy the views of the Azure Window from the nearby Blue Hole rock pool.


3. Upper Barrakka Gardens (Valletta)

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are a public garden in Valletta. For panoramic views overlooking the Grand Harbour and surrounding cities.

If you are into loud explosions and white smoke, you can see the cannons in the Lower Barrakka Gardens being fired. This occurs daily at noon.

4. Tarxien Temples (Ħal Tarxien)

There are many ancient landmarks in Malta, but if you only see one during your time in Malta, visit the Tarxient Temples. They date to approximately 3150 BC and as of 1980, are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Keep in mind that these temples are a very popular attraction with only a limited amount of tickets for viewing allowed to be purchased each day. You need to book many months in advance so preparation is king.

5. St. John’s Co-Cathedral (Valetta)

What To See In Malta_St-Johns-Co-Cathedral

St Johns Co-Cathedral was built by the famous Knights of Malta between 1573 and 1578.
The detailed workmanship of Caravaggio is in everything; the walls, ceiling and the floor.
The Cathedral was given its name after St John was beheaded.

6. St. Peters Pool (Marsaxlokk)


St Peters Pool has been well frequented for generations. In my family it brings back fond memories of having holidays away from Australia spending them cliff jumping the beautiful crystal clear water. My mother reminisces about a first crush and impressing him by attempting a perfect dive which turns into graceful bellyflop.
Take a pair of diving shoes (for climbing up the rocks), your go pro and some dog treats for pele, the resident 4 legged diver. If you plan on staying for longer than 20 minutes I would highly recommend sunscreen and/or an umbrella as the sun is brutal and there is no shade.