Why TSA and other Customs Officers always search me

tsa agent

Everytime I embark on a trip, I make sure I allow an extra 20 minutes for that inevitable search. It’s always the weird look from the agents towards me, a solo travelling mid 20s male travelling with just a backpack. I never need a suitcase, I travel with everything I need and enough clothing for 1.5-2 weeks without having to wash. I like to think I’m efficient, plus I hate carrying more than I have to.

‘What do you do for a job’
‘How can you afford to be off work travelling for so long’ (none of your business buddy)
‘Where is your suitcase’
‘Do you have any drugs or contraband on you’
‘Whats your number’

It’s always a variation of the questions above.

It is irritating, but I deal with it a lot better now because I’m used to it. I know everything that should and should not be said to get out of there in the quickest possible time.