Capsule Hotel Osaka

The Capsul Hotel in Osaka is great value for money. I haven’t stayed in a capsule hotel before so I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless.

The location in itself is great, it’s nice and close to the Namba underground train station. Namba station has many exits, just choose the one which is closest (Exit 25 IIRC) and it will take you to within a 50 metre walk. Choose the wrong exit and it just means you have to cross the road or walk a bit further above ground, no big deal.
It’s also very close to all the action, with Dotonburi just across the road. Dotonburi is popular for dining and theatre.

When you arrive there will be luggage storage within the same room as reception. We had snowboard bags & large suitcases which there was plenty of room for. They will give you a lock which you can wrap around your baggage and fasten to a pole as a security measure.

Checking in was simple enough, hand over your passport for photocopying & a few other details then they give you your locker & room key. You hand both these back every time you leave the hotel and return.

The vibe in itself is more of a downtempo hostel, but without a shared common room. Why I say it’s similar to a hostel  is because of the shared facilities; the toilets, showers, amenities and some facilities like a jug to boil the noodles they give you daily.
It doesn’t have the friendly/party atmosphere like hostels do, so if you are looking to party this probably isn’t the place for you. It’s a place where you go to sleep only.
The majority of the guests appeared to be Japanese with a few Westerners here and there.

Guests must take their shoes off just past reception & put on the provided slippers which are located in lockers. You then store your shoes in the lockers where the slippers came from.

Daily, they will give you you a small towel, toothbrush & toothpaste, pajamas, a sausage pastry, noodles and orange juice, which I presume is to prevent scurvy.

The Capsule rooms themselves are about 7 feet long, and are fully enclosed except for the entry which is a pull down curtain. You will still be able to hear outside where people are walking up and down the rows of capsules, but there’s enough insulation so that it’s not such a problem that it would be in an open plan hostel room with 8+ beds. There must be at least 50 capsules within our room.
The rooms also have chargers for most phones, power, TV & a smart phone with data which they let you borrow.

When you check out they wont let you leave your baggage there all day in their luggage storage which was annoying. I assume the reason is because there is not enough room when all the capsules are in use. I counted at least 270 keys. There are other places you can store your luggage nearby.

If you have snowboards & skiis like we did, what you want to do is go find Ski & Snowboard Storage Osaka in Osaka. There’s a place 550 metres down the road.