Pokemon Go Banned

Pokemon Go is the revival of a childhood for many people, myself included.

The difference now is that instead of sitting at home on the couch playing on your gameboy for hours, you’re now mobile. The augmented reality of the game sends you out on the streets in search for new Pocket Monsters to claim as your own. This isn’t good, some overly parents without a grip on their life want to seeĀ Pokemon Go Banned.

It’s only been a week since the game was released, and we’re starting to see the carnage filter through the news stories and social media, prompting us to wonder – is Pokemon Go Dangerous?

The answer is no, if you are not an idiot and understand the dangers of 4 lane highways, waterways, dangerous neighbourhoods, and just use some common sense like you have been for the past X amount of years of your life. It’s not a hard concept – pay attention to where you are. Thinking about entering that crack den where a family was brutally murdered with an AK47 just a week earlier? Think again.

Here’s a list of hazards to look out for
– Muggings
– Car crashes
– Being pulled over and fined
– Sunburn
– Walking into inanimate objects
– Malnutrition

There’s no need to get Pokemon Go Banned, again it just comes down to common sense.
Remember all those things your parents, teachers and sockpuppets told you growing up and you will get through this.

You people..