Translate Foreign Languages In Real Time

Imagine travelling to another country and being able to speak the language, well, at least understand it. Many of us have found ourselves in awkward situations where we are not able to converse with foreign language speakers. Sometimes it can be funny, others annoying, a lot of the times, frustrating.
The idea was thought up when the inventor met a french girl he was not able to communicate with.
The struggles of attempting to speak to each other in broken forms of language was enough to inspire Mark from the US company Waverly Labs to make a change.
The little device named The Pilot System sits in your ear and translates languages real-time, as they’re being spoken. When it hits the shelves in September it will allow the wearer to understand Spanish, French, Italian and English, with more in the pipeline.

Why TSA and other Customs Officers always search me

tsa agent

Everytime I embark on a trip, I make sure I allow an extra 20 minutes for that inevitable search. It’s always the weird look from the agents towards me, a solo travelling mid 20s male travelling with just a backpack. I never need a suitcase, I travel with everything I need and enough clothing for 1.5-2 weeks without having to wash. I like to think I’m efficient, plus I hate carrying more than I have to.
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Protect Your Laptop Computer When Traveling

Protect Your Laptop Computer When Travelling
For once I would love to go away without the added weight and worry of my laptop; but the need far outweighs the drawbacks, especially when 90% of your work is based online.

So, my laptop is essential and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him at home all alone, without anyone to take care of him, play with his keys nor spill coffee all over his case.

I know what it’s like to lose a laptop, so I take a few steps now to ensure its security and protection. Here’s what I recommend:
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10 Travel Essentials


10 Travel Essentials – What to take on The Road

When travelling, there’s a fine line between over and under packing. There are countless times you wish you had brought X item or left the other behind.
The list below will provide you with an excellent foundation for your travel essentials.

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How To Get an Italian Working Holiday Visa


How To Get an Italian Working Holiday Visa

When you think Italy, most would picture green picturesque rolling hills, amazing culture and thick, juicy, authentic slices of pizza. That’s great and all, but I’m in it for the snow; Dolomites, Livogno, Aosta Valley; they’re situated in the alps and make for some of the best skiing and snowboarding the world has to offer.
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What To See In Malta

What To See In Malta

Malta is fast becoming a top tourist destination which is well deserved title.
Due to Malta’s location in the Mediterranean and the amount of times it was conquered in history, many foreign influences over the years have been instilled in this small Island country; imbuing it with the rich culture, history and ruins many appreciate today.
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Best Travel Locations – Top 5

The Best Travel Locations

With only so much holiday time during the working year, I wanted to go to somewhere new, exciting and worth it. I have around 4 weeks a year to dust off my hiking boots and travel somewhere new; I want it to be well worth it.

I’ve done my research and I’ve come up with the following 5 options for where the best locations for travel are. So ignore London, Paris, New York and Rome, check out the locations below.
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